Vixen Polarie Tracker

Polarie Tracker

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Type: Star Tracker
Tracking Mode: Celestial tracking rate?1/2 of celestial tracking rate. Solar tracking rate (Mean solar time)?Lunar tracking rate (Mean lunar time):Usable in both northern and southern hemispheres
Wheel Gear: 57.6mm diameter aluminum alloy axis with full-circle 144-tooth
Worm gear: 9mm diameter high tension brass
Bearings: 2 pieces
Drive: Pulse Motor (Stepper Motor)
Maximum Loading weight: 4.4 lbs
Polar sight hole: About 8.9° field of view
Standard accessory: Compass
Working voltage: 2 x AA-size batteries:DC2.4~3.0V
External power supply: DC4.4~5.25V
Duration of operation: About 4hours:At 20 C (68 F) degrees temperature, a 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) loading weight with use of Alkaline batteries
Dimensions: 95×137×58mm (3.7×5.9×2.3 inches)
Optional accessory: Dedicated polar axis scope for Polarie
Suggested accessory: QHD-43 Ball head?QHD-33


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